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Electronic signature

In order to combat phishing, PUBLICA attaches an electronic signature to e-mails when it sends them. This is a digital signature which guarantees that PUBLICA is really the sender of the e-mail.

How can you tell that an e-mail has been electronically signed?

  • The e-mail has an electronic signature that can be identified by a red seal (see example).
  • The sender is:
  • There is a security notice stating as follows: “This e-mail from PUBLICA has been electronically signed.”

The way the electronic signature is displayed and verified will vary depending on the operating system and e-mail program you are using.


For further information see the user manual for your e-mail program or the information page of the Federal Office of Communications OFCOM.

Think you’ve received a phishing e-mail?

If you think you may have received a phishing e-mail linked to PUBLICA, contact:

Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA
Mr Ray Miller
IT Security Officer
+41 58 485 22 33

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