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Exclusion through «negative» screening

Screening is designed to ensure that the companies in which PUBLICA invests do not develop, produce, distribute or store products that violate current international conventions ratified by Switzerland or Swiss law. To this end, a product-based screening is carried out semi-annually to identify companies with undesirable products. PUBLICA attaches importance to the most precise possible interpretation of these “negative criteria” and is guided by the practice of comparable institutional investors in Switzerland and abroad.

Exclusion list:
The Swiss Association for Responsible Investments SVVK-ASIR has published the names of the manufacturers that are in breach of Swiss laws and international conventions ratified by Switzerland. The Association reviews and updates its exclusion recommendations every six months and publishes them on its website at

At its meeting on 25 April 2017, the Investment Committee of PUBLICA decided to implement in full for the first time SVVK-ASIR’s recommendations regarding exclusion of the (at the time) 14 arms manufacturers. Decisions on changes to the exclusion list are made by PUBLICA’s Investment Committee.



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