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Responsible investment
(sustainability approach)

PUBLICA uses the term “responsible investment” rather than referring to “sustainability”. We invest responsibly by taking account of environmental, social and governance issues when investing our members’ assets. This allows us to improve the risk/return ratio over the long term.

PUBLICA defines its responsible investment approaches in line with its legal mandate and the normative basis. They comply with the following principles:

  1. They are formulated in a holistic fashion, so that as far as possible all asset classes can be taken into account.
  2. They are integrated into and thus form part of the investment process.
  3. They are guided by the normative basis.
  4. They are transparent and comprehensible.

PUBLICA takes account of the approaches to responsible investment set out in the following diagram:

More information about PUBLICA’s three main approaches can be found at:

  1. Exercise of shareholder rights
  2. Integration into the securities portfolio
  3. Integration into direct real estate investments  

and in PUBLICA’s Responsible Investment Policy (PDF, 150 KB).

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