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Responsible investment
(sustainability approach)

PUBLICA incorporates sustainability into its investment activities through what it terms a «responsible investment» policy. PUBLICA invests responsibly by integrating environmental, social and (corporate) governance (ESG) criteria into its investment process, meaning that it explicitly takes account of such issues when implementing its strategic asset allocations.

The distinguishing features of PUBLICA’s sustainability approach are as follows:

  1. It is formulated in a holistic fashion, so that as far as possible all asset classes can be taken into account.
  2. It is integrated into and thus forms part of the investment process.
  3. It is based on criteria that are as objective as possible.
  4. It is transparent and comprehensible.

PUBLICA’s sustainability approach takes account of the sustainability strategies set out in the following diagram:

Further information on the main areas of PUBLICA’s sustainability approach:

Exercise of shareholder rights
Integration into the securities portfolio
Integration into direct real estate investments  

 PUBLICA’s responsible investment policy (PDF, 60 KB)

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