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Welcome to myPublica –
your personal portal for all aspects of your occupational pension 

On the myPublica active member portal you can access your personal occupational pension data – at any time and from any location. You can view relevant information and documents relating to your personal pension assets, as and when needed. You can also carry out precise simulations of your pillar 2 assets, your buy-in potential and any early withdrawal for home ownership (WEF).

Log in now with the access data we sent you by e-mail or post.


Security as the top priority. How does the log-in work? 

For secure access to your personal occupational pension data, PUBLICA uses two-factor authentication with the IAM program of the Federal Administration. This programme ensures maximum security when handling your personal data. Before you can enter your access data for “myPublica – PUBLICA’s active member portal” – you have to generate a personal CH login with your personal e-mail address. After successfully setting up the CH login, you can log in to “myPublica – PUBLICA’s active member portal” with the pers-ID and the activation code. 

Can we help you? 

Do you need help with logging-in? You can find out from the video how the CH-login works. Or get in touch with your contact at PUBLICA. You will find the contact details in your invitation letter, the pension certificate or at > Your occupational pension > (select your pension plan) > Your contact

Tip: Have your smartphone ready and download an authentication app ahead of time. 


Your benefits at a glance

  • Convenient and efficient: you can view data and documents at any time and from any location and send simple buy-in orders online.
  • Always informed: you receive an e-mail automatically as soon as a document edited by PUBLICA is ready for you in the portal.
  • Guaranteed secure: your data are stored within the Federal Administration on the PUBLICA servers in Switzerland and sent to you encrypted so as to protect them against access by third parties. You can read more about this in our Terms of Use.


Frequently asked questions

Do I absolutely need an Authenticator App?

No, you can also have the confirmation code sent to your mobile phone.

myPublica – the active member portal – is equipped with 2-factor authentication. A user’s identity is verified with a combination of two different and independent components (factors). One factor is a “confirmation code” that you can generate in an Authenticator App (e.g. Apple, Android) .If you don’t have an Authenticator App, the confirmation code can also be sent to a mobile phone. You can find instructions on how to do this here. If you have any questions, your contact at PUBLICA will be pleased to answer them.

I can’t log in to myPublica. What can I do?

Before you can log in to myPublica, you have to set up a CH-login. Enter the active member ID and the activation code. Switch to another browser. We recommend Microsoft Edge. Make sure your browser accepts cookies.

Can I contact PUBLICA if I’ve forgotten my log-in data from the CH-login?

The solution to possible login changes can be found here: View instructions (PDF, 14 MB).
If you have forgotten your login data, please get in touch with your contact at PUBLICA.

I have not received any access data from PUBLICA. How long will it take until I receive it?

The activation code is only valid for 30 days. If your activation code no longer works, please get in touch with your contact at PUBLICA.

The activation code doesn’t work any more, how do I get a new one?

The activation code is only valid for 90 days. If your activation code no longer works, please get in touch with your contact at PUBLICA.

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