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The Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA is an independent pension institution established under public law. It is organised as a collective institution currently comprising 19 pension plans. PUBLICA advises some 66,000 active members and around 42,000 pension recipients from the Federal Administration, the ETH Domain and other decentralised administrative units as well as around 70 other organisations that are closely associated with the Confederation or fulfil a public task on behalf of the Confederation, a canton or a commune. With total assets currently standing at approximately 42,5 billion Swiss francs it is one of the largest pension funds in Switzerland. Its highest management and strategic body is the PUBLICA Board of Directors.
21.01.2022 Online-News

Visit our online news page for an overview of Swiss media coverage on issues relevant to PUBLICA. more Online-News

15.12.2021 PUBLICA moves forward with responsible investment

The Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA attaches great importance to investing its members’ pension assets responsibly. It has now taken two key steps along that path: committing to net zero emissions, and excluding manufacturers of nuclear weapons from its investment portfolio. more PUBLICA moves forward with responsible investment

02.02.2021 Delay in sending out pension statements

Owing to technical problems, there is a delay in sending out pension statements.
We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your understanding and your patience. 

23.03.2020 Corona crisis: PUBLICA is here for you!

PUBLICA is still here for you in these exceptional times. We have taken the necessary steps to protect our staff and maintain the continuity of our operations. more Corona crisis: PUBLICA is here for you!

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