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Ecological sustainability

PUBLICA’s real estate portfolio is made up of high-quality, recently built properties (three-quarters were constructed after 2000). As part of institutionalised risk management, ecological considerations are factored into both strategic and operational decision-making in every phase of the properties’ life cycle. Where economically viable and technically feasible, for example, measures are taken to reduce CO2 emissions by using energy-efficient heating systems, insulating the building shell or installing alternative energy supply systems. Other aspects, such as power-efficient lighting systems, the use of native flora and raising tenants’ awareness of resource conservation, are also taken into account.

Example: La Maladière, Neuchâtel

La Maladière, Neuchâtel


City of Neuchâtel (stadium),
Zürcher Kantonalbank & PUBLICA (commercial usage)

Energy systems                              
District heating, solar panels, etc.

Viteos SA

Year of construction (panels)         
2007 and 2013

No. / surface area of panels           
3,064 / 3,636 m2

Production / max. output               
460,000 kWh/year / 470 kW



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